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Ieasoft was established +7 years ago, by a talented team to create apps that make life easy. Day over day our team becomes bigger than before because of this talent. We at ieasoft can make your idea live through our services from design, development to marketing.

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Creating and Business development

If you have a project idea or just a small idea and want to convert it into a profitable project and do not define how .. We at ieasoft can help you by creating

  • BMC for your project or site.
  • Business Plan for your project or site.
  • Market Research to identify your customers.
  • Determine the sources of profit for your project.

Web Designing

Great design is what attracts your customers. So we in ieasoft  accused of design. And transform your idea or project to design a high quality professional responsive to all devices. We use the latest technologies such as:

  • Bootstrap/SAAS/LESS
  • CSS/CSS3
  • Javascript/Jquery/ and More

Social Media and Search Engine Marketing

Start your ad campaign on social media platforms or search engines or configure your site to appear in the first results.  ieasoft can do :

  • Google ads.
  • SEO/SEM.
  • SocialMedia (FB-TW-Insta-LinkedIn) ads.
  • Social media marketing plans

Developing and programming applications and website

If you want to create a website, web application, or even a large e-commerce site or any other project, We at ieasoft can help you by using different technologies such as:

  • Ajax
  • Laravel / Codeigniter

Programming Phone Applications

We can also in ieasoft - creat smartphone apps for both:

  • Android
  • IOS

other Services!

If you have another service that we can help in it contact us.

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Some of our family words about our services

Yousef al-Ghamdi

The truth and without compliments wonderful designs and professional programming and the completion and follow-up continuous and continuous communication throughout the work period did not ask for a modification, but immediately they have wonderful visions and a wonderful work plan will be a priority in the future in all transactions.

Hassan Alzahrani

I thank your company's wonderful staff for this achievement. I was already the site designer, but you surprised me with the creativity in the design and the appearance and the site appeared a million times better than in my imagination. Thank you for handling during the period of work and the many amendments that I asked you, although it was not at the beginning of the agreement.

Essam Ghosheh

Ieasoft's handling was at the highest level of professionalism and quality and we will continue to cooperate together in the future.

Salem Almutairi

The services are so professional and the team is sophisticated and patient, they still with me after the software delivered and managed and I still with them and any development with them, God willing ... Thank you ieasoft for everything

Nasser Almsoud

They deserve to work with them and with all confidence they are capable and professional. I have not asked for an amendment or anything but they are doing it in full and very quickly, one of the best and coolest web services I've ever done
Thanks ieasoft

Mohammad Tashtoush

Excellent handling, wonderful execution, creativity and commitment at the time I advise everyone to deal with them and for me, I will deal with them in all my next projects.

saeed King
soudia arabia

Professional team and very clean work in terms of design and code handle I recommend  them with their professional work I wish him health, wellness, and excellence


Service is very wonderful .... A team dedicated and serious in providing excellent service for us to deal soon in the future, God willing, I advise you to deal with him

Deeplook Dieab

More than excellent service, the team very patient and courteous and able, God reward them and now they are on top of the list of favorites and will continue cooperation between us.

Bader Alnajdi

I can only express my admiration and appreciation and respect for them

Ali Barnawy

I was happy to deal with them .. I was very pleased to accept the customer's comments with a frankness and eagerness to master the work .. If I need to anything in the field of their work in the future will not look for others.

Zakwan Jamal

To be honest, the best team I worked with. Their work is accurate and their dates are accurate, committed and understanding with a broad experience of work, God willing, we work together.


School Control

school control helps you control your school (attendance - absence ) and home work all this connected to noor system


Ads4courses is a platform for

  • Marketing online courses via ads
  • Marketing Course rooms
  • Marketing for educational needs
  • Courses rooms reservation
  • Marketing via social media platforms


Market to sell or buy digital items like website templates and plugins, scripts and designs

Virtual domain

Virual Reality Domain Tech is a specialized web site for displaying panorama images 360 degrees


donedeals.online is the site of the classifieds in the United Arab Emirates, which operates under the Mariah Trading FZE


TaskyRoyal's idea is to build a social advertising platform to serve all categories of individuals and companies to create better opportunities and offer better products that serve the aspirations of the Arab community and international community.


H.M.H referred to ( Hana - Mohamed - Haya ) sons of Chairman of a company; H.M.H is an Egyptian Company specializing in the import and trade of furnishings, lingerie, embroideries, and accessories.


High resolution is an Event Management Company in Kuwait.

photo maker

Pioneers in the artistic and digital creativity in the field of professional photography. Our expert teams use all innovated technical gears to enrich our customers' status. Creativity is a combination of logic and imagination

لو خيروكـ

A site for anonymous random questions


Alwady company for import and export.


Ahd Alkhaleej company was established in 1995 in Saudi Arabia for General contracting and modern construction


PSC company for Financial services and practical solutions in everything related to the business world


MICSAL We Are Mansoura International Company For SALT, We Are Manufacturers And Producers Of All Salt Types, We Produce Table Salt, Tablet Salt, Pool Salt, Deicing Salt, And We On Our Way To Produce Animal Salt And Industrial Salt


We are in the golden age of software, we are seeking through our experience that more than twenty years to provide the best software solutions that help various institutions to organize their work and achieve higher levels of productivity.

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Starts from99$

  • Responsive design
  • Supports Retina
  • Support for 30 days free
  • static web pagees
  • Limited number of pages
  • Dynamic content
  • Support search engines
  • Control panel
  • Private hosting rates


Starts from499$

  • A site with variable content
  • unlimited Pages
  • responsive design
  • full control
  • Marketing Plan system
  • Costraction Plan
  • retana Support
  • Advanced admin panel
  • hosting Cost 2o$
  • Tech support for 365 day

Starts from249$

  • responsive website
  • limited Pages
  • Responsive desgin
  • unlimited Contenet
  • sample admin panel
  • Private hosting rates start at $ 30
  • Support for 180 days FREE
  • Marketing plan on search enginesAnd social networking sites
  • Besides all 99$ properties

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know Our Family

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Ahmed Yousef
Chief Operating Officer

small Bio

Ahmed Elsaied
Technical Manager

small Bio

Ahmed Khalifa
Director of Marketing

small Bio

Aml Ginina
Laravel Software Developer

small Bio

Mahmoud Hazem
Web Developer

small Bio

Amr Ata Abdallh
Web Designer

small Bio

Ahmed Taher
Mobile Developer
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